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World Breaker Hulk: 15 Things He Can Do That Regular



The Hulk is one of Marvel’s most popular characters, yet there are several variations, including the fearsome World Breaker Hulk.

The Hulk is one of Marvel’s most well-known characters. Bruce Banner’s alter-ego has been a big hit since 1962, appearing in thousands of different stories throughout the last 60 years.

The fact that there are so many different forms of the Hulk is one of the most fascinating (and perhaps perplexing) features of his character. The Hulk may be best known to the general public as “Mark Ruffalo turning into a giant, growling green beast whenever he gets angry,” but he has a rich past.


Know Which World Breaker Hulk 15 Things He Can Do

World Breaker Hulk

There are many “Hulks,” but only one can claim to be the most powerful of them all. His name is Worldbreaker Hulk. His game is to perform superhuman feats of strength while recklessly endangering everyone around him.

Despite his limited appearances in comic books, he has given me enough time to come up with a list of ten great things he can accomplish that a typical Hulk can’t.

Josh Davison updated this page on August 24th, 2020: The Worldbreaker Hulk is one of the most popular forms of the Jade Giant among fans of Hulk comics. He’s as smart as the Savage Hulk, yet he’s not afraid to fight like the Professor Hulk.

He is morally superior to Joe Fixit Hulk, and he is only similar to the Immortal Hulk’s return of the Devil Hulk.


In fact, the Worldbreaker Hulk made his long-awaited comeback in Immortal Hulk, thus now is as good a moment as any to add five new entries to this list delving deeper into the contrasts between the Worldbreaker and the Savage.

1. The Master Strategist

The Worldbreaker’s intellect and ability to strategize set him different from the Savage Hulk more than anything else. The Savage Hulk is nothing more than a roaring beast made out of pain, fear, and trauma. He’s a bomb that never stops going off, and many of his most heinous outbursts were utterly unanticipated.

The Worldbreaker Hulk, on the other hand, proven to be a great leader, fighter, and strategist.

On Sakaar, he gathered his Warbound, deposed the Red King, and returned to Earth with a plan to destroy the Avengers, Fantastic Four, Inhumans, and X-Men in order to get revenge on the Illuminati. In essence, he triumphed, and World War Hulk came to a halt only when the Worldbreaker was completed.


2. Armor made of flesh

The Worldbreaker’s power to duplicate his eponymous armour by shaping his very bones into external armour is a terrifying new talent that we recently saw manifest in Immortal Hulk. The Devil Hulk has previously shown that he can get creative with his own anatomy, but the Savage Hulk would never be able to do so.

Artist Joe Bennett stunned readers with several vivid scenes of absolute gamma-powered grotesquerie in the Immortal Hulk series, which is a masterwork of body horror. The Worldbreaker’s ability to conjure armour from his own flesh is just one example of this.

3. Explore The Mental Landscape

The Devil Hulk’s ambitions to change the world were hindered by the return of Xemnu, the Living Hulk. Xemnu’s telepathic abilities calmed the Devil Hulk and helped the universe forget about any other Hulk than Xemnu.

The Savage Hulk and the Worldbreaker, fortunately, were able to keep their senses in Bruce Banner’s mindscape. The Savage Hulk had no idea how to travel this region within his own thoughts at first, but the Worldbreaker taught him the path, as well as the new situation the Devil Hulk had found himself in.


4. Defending Against The Other Hulk

The Worldbreaker Hulk was also able to resist Xemnu’s control outside of the mindscape, demonstrating his mastery of his own mind.

Hulk was only able to defeat Xemnu by allowing the Worldbreaker to take command, with some assistance from Rick Jones and/or the Leader. The Worldbreaker punched Xemnu to bits, putting a stop to the other Hulk’s dominion.

5. Anxiety about being apart

Bruce Banner had a falling out with his then-dominant Hulk personality after World War Hulk and the Worldbreaker’s adventures with the “Hulk family.” When the Worldbreaker had had enough of Bruce Banner, he did something no other Hulk had ever done before: he abandoned him.

Bruce felt bereft and unfinished as a result of this. Banner became enraged and began conducting new and riskier gamma radiation experiments. Even after Bruce Banner and the Worldbreaker reunited, the good doctor plotted against his alter ego until the two finally made peace.


6. For Hulk, it’s a baby step.

Among Bruce Banner’s most noteworthy adventures are “Planet Hulk” and the subsequent “World War Hulk” comic book arcs. The Illuminati put the Hulk on a spaceship and transport him to space against his will in the first.

He lands on Sakaar and…to make a long tale short, he marries and starts a family, his spaceship explodes and kills his wife, and he comes to Earth to exact his revenge on our heroes.

This tale is continued in the sequel, which concludes with Miek (who became friends with Hulk on Sakaar) murdering Banner’s best friend and admitting to murdering his wife.

This proves to be too much for the Green Goliath, and he reaches an uncontrollable level of rage and strength as a result. A “world-shattering” force.


When he takes a step forward, the city begins to disintegrate under his weight. All he did was put one foot in front of the other carefully. With just a few more steps, the continent would have crumbled.

7. Hulk from the Death Star

Thunderbolt Ross, a.k.a. Red Hulk, is one of Hulk’s most formidable adversaries. Jennifer Walters, a.k.a. She-Hulk, is his superpowered cousin. Betty Ross is Banner’s true love, but she is also a malevolent mash-up of the two prior characters, AKA Red She-Hulk.

The Hulk used his Worldbreaker powers once more in the Dark Dimension during a conflict between Bruce’s monster and Betty’s monster.

Forget for a second why these soul lovers are thrashing each other. What counts is the collateral harm produced by their conflict. The Hulk once punched Red She-Hulk into a planet, which proved fatal.


The planet shattered, powerful beings that had previously fought our hero and were now standing nearby died quickly, and the shockwave even hit some surrounding moons.

8. Skaar Skull Crusher is a game developed by Skaar.

As previously stated, the Hulk had a wife once upon a time. What’s more noteworthy is that the marriage resulted in the birth of a kid, Skaar (not to be confused with the planet Sakaar).

He possesses a human form and a powerful “Hulk-like” alter-ego, just like his father. Although not as strong as the Savage Hulk, Juggernaut’s shell was broken on one occasion.

Clearly, it pales in comparison to the Worldbreaker. This Hulk is easily defeated by the Worldbreaker in a confrontation with Skaar. This isn’t necessarily a remarkable achievement. His ability to physically break Skaar’s skull with a single green hand is remarkable. He, fortunately, manages to avoid doing this.


9. The Incredible Hulk vs. The World

The entire plot revolves around the aforementioned “World War Hulk’s” wrath towards his ex-allies who exiled him and whom he believes murdered his wife. The storey starts with the Green Goliath descending upon Earth to avenge the heroes. What follows is something that even the Savage Hulk could never imagine.

The Avengers (including a Hulkbuster-suited Iron Man), the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, Juggernaut, Doctor Strange, Black Bolt, Ghost Rider, and the US Army were pitted against the Worldbreaker Hulk.

He even faced the Sentry, who is claimed to have “one million exploding suns of power.” He was able to defeat them all on his own. Bruce Banner subsequently tells his friends that this was “the strongest Hulk there has ever been,” as he recalls the encounter. And rightfully so.

10. The power that lasts

Something a little more subtle is one of the most remarkable Worldbreaker powers. While a tremendous gain in strength may be the most noticeable feature, his opponents may still use all of this force in a boxing-like manner.


Simply wear down the huge guy until he’s weak enough to be knocked down. Unfortunately for anyone seeking to overcome Worldbreaker Hulk, wearing him out is about as effective as whacking him in the head with a wooden stick.

The Green Goliath in this form also has a massive amount of stamina. In essence, he has near-infinite endurance. This is demonstrated in The Incredible Hulk #635 when Bruce Banner’s alter-ego is still fighting the Red She-Hulk. Furthermore, two issues before to this, it was announced that he may fight indefinitely.

11. Aura Punch Super

Something astonishing happened between Hulk’s defeat of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes & Co. and the effort to physically rip the earth apart. Auras have long been a nebulous concept. In the case of the Worldbreaker, his aura is abundantly visible, since his body radiates a bright green glow. However, it isn’t just a problem for someone’s eyesight.

As the beast displays his rage toward the heroes, he emits a slightly stronger aura than before, knocking everyone in his vicinity back hard. In other words, Worldbreaker Hulk is still more powerful than most of his opponents despite hardly moving a muscle. This is as close to invincible as he’ll ever get.


12. The Worldbreaker is unbeatable.

Wendigo and Bi-Beast return in The Incredible Hulk #631, as do a handful of Hulk’s biggest opponents. These two are ordinarily extremely deadly and formidable adversaries, but to make matters worse, they not only reunite, but they also acquire a power boost, allowing them to grow to the size of buildings.

The Hulk, on the other hand, received a “worldbreaking” boost. They were killed, to cut a long storey short. He wasn’t through fighting, though, for a much larger and more powerful monster took advantage of the circumstance and sought to defeat the Green Goliath himself.

This was Arm’Chedon, the Troyjan empire’s warlord, who was so powerful that he destroyed the Silver Surfer, who had previously easily defeated the Hulk. The Worldbreaker, on the other hand, is unconcerned. Our hero calmly ignores the cosmic enemy’s lethal energy blast and leaps into the blast radius until he reaches Arm’Chedon and knocks him out.

13. Boom Fin Fang

Bruce Banner’s alter-ego faced off against the enormous dragon-like extraterrestrial Fin Fang Foom in The Incredible Hulk #635. His adversary is even more powerful than normal in this issue. According to legend, he exudes “the mysterious strength of 17 Hercules blows.” Whether or not that makes logic, the fact remains that the dragon’s radiation is sufficient to kill the entire continent.


The Hulk is present and is in full Worldbreaker mode, thus it doesn’t work. And since he is so powerful, he is the only one who can absorb Fin Fang Foom’s radiation and use it to grow even more powerful. Not to mention the fact that the Hulk is assaulted with five lethal gamma bombs at one point…and all he does is smile.

14. Las Vegas Must Be Saved

Our Jolly Green Giant was vacationing in Las Vegas just before his series of encounters against Wendigo, Bi-Beast, Arm’chedon, and Fin Fang Foom. When the villains began to appear, chaos erupted on a scale never seen before in Sin City.

Maybe not quite that much. However, they did enough damage to convert a section of Las Vegas into the climactic act of Age of Ultron. As in, a city that flies.

Although Worldbreaker Hulk poses a threat to society, he is not malevolent. As a big portion of the city ascended to the skies, our hero jumped down, leaped back up, grabbed Vegas by the front, and absorbed the impact of the city’s drop, restoring it to its proper place and saving countless inhabitants.


15. I Exist Because I Destroy

Worldbreaker Hulk appears to be a massive entity capable of destroying the entire planet, based on what we’ve seen thus far. That is unquestionably correct.

Beyond his ability to break the United States of America with a few footsteps and even his ability to knock back an assortment of superpowered superheroes by simply unleashing his “aura,” there is something that confirms his destructive capabilities. No, the terrifying reality about his strength’s limit is that it could be that there isn’t one.

The Incredible Hulk #632, as far-fetched as it may appear, reveals how the very fact that Hulk exists could be enough to break the planet. When he transforms from Banner to Worldbreaker, stone and glass shatter in a large radius all around him.

The ground underneath him begins to disintegrate as he stands motionless in his new form, stronger than he’s ever been. There were no footsteps and no auras. Hulk’s very presence is revolutionary.


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