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Top 13 Best Zombie Anime To Enjoy Right Know


Combining zombies anime and anime is a difficult task, but these shows are unquestionably the greatest. Zombies have begun to infiltrate Japan’s animation business, thanks to the popularity of the zombie genre and subculture in the West and around the world.

Although there aren’t as many zombie anime episodes and movies as there are live-action zombie shows and movies, it’s only a matter of time until Japanese animation catches up.

Meanwhile, zombie anime enthusiasts can watch one of roughly 20 zombie anime series while they wait for the next episode or season of their favourite zombie programme. And, because finding decent anime to watch might be difficult, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten zombie anime series available to stream right now.

Top 13 Best Zombie Anime To Enjoy slew of Movies

Zombie Anime

Madison Lennon updated this page on March 28, 2020: Zombies are a popular theme in popular culture. There are a slew of movies, TV programmes, and anime based on the concept of zombies.

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With all of our free time these days, it seemed like a good time to update our list of popular zombie anime.

If you enjoy zombie movies, you should definitely check out the following list of suggestions to see if any of them pique your interest enough to watch.

1. Eater of Souls

Soul Eater is a popular anime that has zombies throughout the series, even though it does not revolve entirely around them. The anime follows teams in the Death Weapon Meister Academy and is based on the popular manga of the same name.

The teams are made up of a weapons master and a weapon that can transform into a humanoid form. They must collect 99 wicked souls and one witch, in that sequence, to make a death scythe and appease the Shinigami head of the academy.

2. Ultimate Hellsing

After the original Hellsing anime ended, an OVA was developed called Hellsing Ultimate. This version of Hellsing, on the other hand, is more faithful to the manga than the original anime. This series isn’t primarily about zombies, but zombies do play a role in the supernatural horror genre.

It centres on the covert Hellsing Operation, which aims to keep the number of supernatural monsters haunting England under control. The storey features the iconic character Abraham Van Helsing as a central character. It also only has ten episodes, so you won’t have to wait long to catch up.

3. Sankarea: Everlasting Love

Sankarea is a supernatural horror and romantic comedy anime about protagonist Chihiro Furuya, who falls in love with a zombie. For the most part, it is a comedy series, but there are some really terrifying and powerful moments.

Chihiro is obsessed with zombies and even wants to date one. He prepares a resurrection potion at one point, and Rea Sanka drinks it by accident. Chihiro must figure out how to live with a zombie girlfriend after she turns into a zombie from east hydrangea blooms.

4. Without God on Sunday

Sunday Without God is a supernatural, fantasy, and mystery anime set in a future where humans may no longer reproduce or die. The concept is that God abandoned his created and then left behind gravekeepers, beings capable of assisting the living dead in their search for repose.

The “zombies” in this programme are not the same as the traditional zombies, although they function in the same way for the most part. Anyone who dies is still alive and shows no indications of deterioration. Ai is the main character, and she is a young girl who helps an immortal gunslinger discover the truth about their planet and put the living dead to rest.

5. Is This A Zombie Or A Human?

This programme is not only about zombies, but it is also a comedy, which sets it apart from some of the other anime series on this list. Ayumu is the protagonist of the show, who is cruelly slain by a serial murderer. However, he is resurrected by a lovely magical girl necromancer, but he is then killed again.

However, the girl’s abilities assist him in resurrecting as a zombie. He and the girl must be cautious since Ayumu is also being pursued by a demon. There are two seasons to the show, as well as some OVAs.

6. The Undead High School

Highschool of the Dead is undoubtedly the best zombie anime to date, despite not being the highest ranking anime on this list based on MAL (MyAnimeList) scores.

This is due to its serious plot, intriguing turn of events, and resemblance to popular Western zombie TV shows and movies today.

The storey follows five high school students—plus two additional characters—as they work together to get to safety after their high school is overtaken by zombies, as the title suggests.

The show’s fan service can be overbearing at times, but the gore and brutality more than compensate.

7. The Iron Fortress’ Kabaneri (Koutetsujou No Kabaneri)

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is commonly compared to a steampunk Attack on Titan, with the exception that the enemies are hard-to-kill undead monsters known as Kabane rather than undiscovered huge beasts.

The citizens of Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress are kept secure from the Kabane by fortress-like stations and large walls, which explains the similarity between the two performances.

One day, a Kabane-hijacked steam locomotive crashes into one of the stations. Refusing to accept his fate, a young engineer named Ikoma succeeds in developing a weapon capable of killing the Kabane, and thus begins his adventure as a hero.

8. School-Live! (Gakkougurashi!)

The animation in this programme is so adorable that it’s difficult to believe it’s a zombie show at first. It’s not surprising, though, because the Japanese animation industry’s interpretation of the zombie genre frequently differs from that of the West.

However, when you watch the first episode and witness lovely school girls doing cute things, only to find out that they’re the last survivors of their school in a post-apocalyptic zombie world, School-Live! can feel a little…off.

However, with a MAL score of 7.68, you can rest assured that you will be entertained. Watch how these adorable girls attempt to retain some semblance of normalcy while attempting to survive the zombie apocalypse.

9. Seoul Station is located in Seoul, South Korea.

If you enjoyed the South Korean zombie film Train to Busan, you’ll appreciate the South Korean animated film Seoul Station, which is a prequel to the smash 2016 zombie film.

It has a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes as of this writing. It tells the storey of a young lady who attempts to survive after zombies take over downtown Seoul.

Because there are only three characters in the film, it is rather clear and easy to follow. While there isn’t much that distinguishes it from the other zombie episodes and movies we’ve seen so far, the twist can be quite amazing.

10. Gungrave

Gungrave is a serious anime drama based on a popular third-person shooting game. It follows the main character on his quest for vengeance.

The main character of Beyond The Grave, or Grave for short, is a former human named Brandon Heat who is brought back to life as an almost invincible zombie-like creature after being betrayed and murdered by his closest friend and mafia syndicate partner. He now lives to avenge his closest friend and the syndicate he used to be a part of, while also killing other undead on the side.

11. Tokyo Ghoul is a Japanese horror film.

If you’re not too picky about what constitutes a zombie, Tokyo Ghoul is a must-see. It follows the storey of Ken Kaneki, a regular, unassuming 18-year-old college student.

After a near-fatal accident, he is spared by obtaining an organ transplant from a ghoul, and his life is flipped upside down. The transplant turns him into a human-ghoul hybrid who now needs to eat others to survive.

Ken must figure out way to keep his humanity while concealing his transformation into a ghoul. Ghouls, unlike conventional flesh-eating zombies, attempt to live normal lives in society, causing the audience to sympathise with them and occasionally take their side.

12. Princess of the Dead (Shikabane Hime: Aka)

Makina Hoshimura, the titular character of Corpse Princess, has joined the ranks of people who have been turned into zombies. She doesn’t appear like a zombie and doesn’t devour brains, but she’s clearly a zombie.

After being slaughtered alongside her family, she is reanimated and must now kill 108 other revived corpses in order to join her family in heaven.

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Her ultimate goal is to kill the zombie group known as Seven Stars and avenge her family’s murder. Makina is a cool female character with great physical abilities that destroys her adversaries with dual MAC-11 machine rifles.

13. The Empire Of The Dead (Shisha No Teikoku)

Victor Frankenstein, a scientist in an alternate 18th-century England, discovers a way of reanimating a corpse. When his creation is destroyed, a new means of reanimating corpses is discovered, paving the door for reanimated corpses to be used in manual labour in the nineteenth century. Unlike Victor’s procedure, however, this newer method is unable to return the soul of the corpse to the body.

The British government later charged John Watson, a medical student, with obtaining Frankenstein’s notes on reanimating a corpse with a soul. The Empire of Corpses is engaging and entertaining to watch because of its unique and interesting plot, as well as the characters who are based on real and popular literary people.

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