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Avatar Cycle- About, History & Ways of Avatar State works


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Avatar Cycle- About, History & Ways of Avatar State works

Avatar Cycle
Avatar Cycle

At the beginning of the Avatar Cycle, it is a maniple event in the Avatar’s Energy Saga continuity. The Avatar Cycle starts when the Avatar – the master of all four elements-started rebirths.

It co-occurs with the introduction of the bending of the four elements to the world. These occurrences are used to convey related. Before this, human benders bent the Energy.

The Avatar

It can bend all four elements and can only turn more than one element. The Avatar also holds the potential to pull the Energy. Although, few Avatars have ever done so. Indeed, the only Avatar is known to have done so at this time is Aang. The Avatar Cycle started when the First Avatar was born as a human.

It was at the same time that humans stop bending Energy and begin turning the four elements. Although, the knowledge of what happened during the time is lost to humans. It is generally believed that the First Avatar had something to do with the ceasing of Energybending. The upward movement of the Elemental B is Waterbending, Earthbending, Firebending and Airbending.

The Avatar Cycle

The Avatar Cycle
The Avatar Cycle

As the Avatar Spirit is a human. He or She is a structure carrying a road between the Mortal World and the Spirit World. It is the process of the rebirth of Avatar Spirit into a human. So soon as one Avatar dies, another one is born as the Spiritual rebirth of the preceding Avatars.

The government of the previous Avatar determines the nation that the Avatar is born. The cycle is going Water, Earth, Fire, Air. For example, an Air Nomad Avatar will be paid after a Fire Nation Avatar dies.

When that Avatar dies, it Is deliver to a Water Tribe Avatar to take place. This cycle is also the order in that they are supposed to master all the elements with their own nation’s first.

In the not often occurring event that an Avatar practices Energybending, they generally learn to bend the Energy last. Regardless of which nation they are.

The History of Avatar Cycle

Earlier, Wan becomes the first Avatar, and he was sent away from a country into the Spirit Wilds. The fire lion turtle, after he has stolen the power of fire. Over the two years following his punishment. Wan become a friendly spirit, learn Firebending. He decides to travel the world to discover the other lion turtle cities.

Wan finds Raava, the nature of light and peace, fighting against Vaatu, the heart of Darkness and Chaos during his journey. Not known of Vaatu’s identity at the time. Wan was trick by the dark Energy into separating him from Raava and releasing the Darkness and Confusion into the world.

Wishing to fix his mistake, Wan journeying with Raava in search of other lion turtles to gain the elements of Air, Water, and Earth, learn how to master them. Year later, during the war against Vaatu at the time of the Harmonic, the act of converging. Wan merge permanently with Raava.

He is becoming the first Avatar and gains the ability to bend all four elements after sealing away the dark spirit in the Tree of Time. Wan supervise the departure of the nerves to their world. Close to the two portals to the Spirit World.

That no human would be able to travel there and risk Vaatu’s escape physically, Wan takes on the task of being the structure roads between the two worlds and maintaining balance and peace.

Years later, Raava assuring a dying Wan that they would be together throughout all his lifetimes. Acclaim the beginning of the Avatar Cycle. Ensures the continuation of the Avatar’s role as the Peacekeeper of both worlds.

The Avatar Cycle continue for ten thousand years. It was at the end interrupting on the next Harmonic Convergence. When Avatar Korra fights Unalaq, he attempts to create a new world under Vaatu’s influence.

By fusing with the spirit to becomes the first Dark Avatar. In the war, Vaatu reaching out of Unalaq and badly torn Raava out of Korra’s body. Unalaq was causing significant injury to the light spirit. It severe Korra’s connection to her past lives and end the Avatar Cycle.

A means of connecting with the extraterrestrial vastness energy of the universe. Korra meditates in the Tree of Time. She was able to bend her Energy to release a resembling the projection of the stars of herself to war Unalaq. With the help from Jinora. She moves Raava’s growth quickly within Vaatu.

Korra manages to extract the light spirit from her dark counterpart. Defeat Unalaq with his treaty of peace technique. Purifying and disappear Dark Avatar. Return to the Spirit World, Korra and Raava using the Spiritual Energy from the extend of the spirit portals to fuse. Seconds before the end of Harmonic Convergence.

Although, Korra’s Avatar Spirit has returned to her. Korra will no longer connect with her past lives. After deciding to keep the spirit gate open. Korra declares that the Avatar will no longer be the bridge between worlds. But she will continue to use Raava’s light spirit to guide the world toward peace.

The Ways of Avatar State works

Avatar Cycle
Avatar Cycle

They’re seen to be three recognizably different ways in that the Avatar State works:


When the State was activating without the Avatar calling on it, Raava’s spirit allows for an active object of the Energy, Skills, and Knowledge of the past. Avatars from the body of the Current Avatar, Heavily augmenting the current qualities bending abilities.

The State works this way almost exclusively. When triggers as an Automatically, reaction of the unconscious. A ‘defense mechanism’ when an Avatar’s physical capabilities will be insufficient to come face to face the current challenge.

In the situations of extreme Emotion, precisely passion, and sorrow. When the State is activated this way, the current Avatar has little to no control over the performing actions. It may absorb little and no memory of what happens; there are exceptions.

He was able to speak when confronting the sand benders on Appa. Kyoshi was correctly aware of what she was doing when she enters the Avatar State for the second time and kill Xu Ping An.

Aang seems to use the State this way against Fire Lord Ozai. After the mark on his back was forced against a rock, unlocking his final chakra. Just as Guru Pathik had says. The event led to Aang controlling the State himself, and unlike the previous times. There he enters the State; he was not physically exhausted.


The Avatar storing the knowledge and energy needs to release once exiting the State when the State uses it intentionally. Taking only the power requires for a specific task. It reduces the danger of being killed in the Avatar State and enables a more willful. Control use of the Avatar State’s power. Can only do an Avatar, who has mastered the State as it is a conscious use. Rather than relating to the response. Mastery of this technique is a part of what recognizes an Avatar as fully realize.


The Avatar State will enter momentarily. It used slight power up, rather than using its full potential and risking getting killed in the process. This method requires no mastery. As Kyoshi will do it even before knowing she was the Avatar.

The Spiritual Relationship

The Avatar State was also allowing an Avatar to joins with specific spirits. It clearly showed the existence or truth. When Aang enters the Avatar State to aid the frantic Ocean Spirit, both Aang in his Avatar State and the Ocean Spirit combine their abilities to defend the Northern Water Tribe after all Waterbenders were renders Defenseless.


At the same time, the Avatar is all but invincible in the Avatar State. We have used to the bending experiences of all the past lives. However, there is one grave weakness. At the same time, in effect, it can harm the Avatar Spirit if the Avatar were to be killed. While in the Avatar State, the cycle will break, and the Avatar will come to exist.

A lightning strike from Azula mortally wounded Aang. At the same time, in the Avatar State. As a result, the Avatar Spirit was a failure. Products in the Avatar Spirit fall from the plane of existence. Katara uses the spirit water she receives from Pakku to revive Aang. As a result, the Avatar Spirit.

The strain of the improvement in the condition cause Aang to slip into a coma for several weeks. During that time, he manages to retain his connection to his past lives by meeting the four most recent ones. However, it took a long for his ability to use the Avatar State to restore.

Another desirable to the Avatar State is the considerable Mental strain. It will cause fewer experienced Avatars. Before his teaching under Guru Pathik, Aang would often leave the Avatar State feeling horrified at what he had done under its influence.

Furthermore, the use of the State, at least in extraordinary circumstances, can place such an enormous physical strain on an Avatar’s body. Like that their life span can be affected, as seen when Aang’s one-hundred-year time in the iceberg contributed significantly to his end death at sixty-six years of age biologically and 165 years chronologically.

The Known incidents of use

1. Wan

In 9,829 BG, about ten thousand years before Korra’s time, Wan creates the Avatar State by relation with Raava. When he was touching the geyser of energy from the Southern spirit portal. During the Harmonic Convergence. He is using this newfound power to defeat Vaatu. Restore the balance to the world.

At some point, Wan enters the Avatar State when he extends in a war between clashing armies with some bending.

2. Szeto

In his later life, he enters the Avatar State. They are causing four volcanoes to erupt and bending the lava from the eruption.

3. Yangchen

He, as a reflex, entered the Avatar State to fight General Old Iron to save a nearby town. Before the establishment of Yangchen’s

4. Festival

At some point in her life, Yangchen entering the Avatar State in a piece of grassland near Yaoping Town and, at the same time, practicing Airbending and causing great winds to blow and almost uprooting the trees.

5. Kuruk

Kuruk enters the Avatar State for the first time on a Tiny, Uninhabited atoll. Unfortunately, though, he ends up destroying the island and nearly killed his friends.

Kuruk using the full force of the Avatar State to destroy a dark spirit.
At some point in his life, he enters the Avatar State. Creating a massive wave with Waterbending to propel his raft.

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