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Mcdonalds Ravenna Ohio Fight Attack Three Minute Video



Mcdonalds Ravenna Ohio Fight: A storey about a woman who was arrested for attacking Mcdonald’s workers in Ravenna, Ohio is making the rounds in the news these days. On June 14, a three-minute video of a woman allegedly assaulting restaurant employees went viral on social media.

Yes, you read that correctly: a video of a woman attacking workers at a McDonald’s in Ravenna, Ohio became viral on the internet. Brian Allen posted the video to YouTube, captioning it, “Craziness is out in full form, just saw this at Ravenna McDonald’s.” Our readers will learn all about the situation in this post.

McDonalds Ravenna Ohio Fight Reddit

Mcdonalds Ravenna Ohio Fight

The event occurred about 09:45 a.m., according to reports. Ravenna Police told the news station that they were dispatched to a fast-food establishment at 418 West Main Street to report the attack.


According to court filings, the officers claimed Cleveland, 44, had been raising her hands-on restaurant personnel. She took this move because she was dissatisfied with the McDonald’s employees who prohibited her from mixing three slushy varieties in a single cup.

When the staff members refused to let her mix the cocktail, she lost control and began beating them, she told the police.

The cops said they had arrested her and escorted her from the restaurant. The woman also went to the back of the McDonald’s counter and attempted to manufacture a slushy drink herself, according to the police.

We can see in the video that the woman attacks the workers when they try to stop, and she even punches one of them. In the video, she also uses nasty words.


She used a lot of offensive words. The video was posted on a Facebook page, where it has received 2.2 million views.

According to Fox8, two members of the staff suffered minor injuries. As we previously stated, Allen shared the video and informed WOIO, “I was scared that she may start injuring someone.”

As a result, I began recording in case law police required the tape for any assault evidence.” Ravenna Police have now arrested the lady. Stay tuned for additional information on the case as it develops.

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