Should SEOs Care About Internal Links?

October 21, 2021

Internal links are an essential part of SEO, and you have to get it right to expect positive results. When you add links to your post and web page, it will become easier for Google to find your page. This way, you can see that Google will rank it better. Once you add a link to your content, it will provide a basic idea to Google about a web page’s structure. Adding the links will give a hierarchy on your website by positioning the most important posts and pages on the top and the least helpful pages at last. 

So, it would be best if you learned about an internal linking strategy to ensure that you are doing it properly. Here are some tips that can help you with the internal and external links.

What are Internal links?

An internal link is from one of your pages on the website to another page on your website. The users and search engines use these links to find the content on the site. Search engines won’t find your website if there is no link to it. There are various links on a website like a menu, homepage, feeds, and others. By using the help of these links, the users can navigate on the website and then find the content they need. 

Internal Links or External Links?

You can find two types of links on any website like internal and external. The internal links will redirect you to the pages on your website, whereas the external links will take you to other websites. You can get various benefits from using internal links and add them to your SEO Sydney strategy.

What is the Importance of Links to Google?

Internal linking is essential for Google and various other search engines. It helps them to find content on your website and then rank it on the search results. If you find a post or page with links, it signals Google that it has a very high value. It is applicable for internal and external links.

Using the internal links on your site will help you guide your visitors and Google bot to the most important pages. So, you can control it as the site owner to ensure that users are redirected to all the related posts on the website. If you are not familiar with internal linking, you can find various useful tools in the process.

Is There any Relation Between Links to Content?

Google uses what is called Googlebot that helps them to crawl websites by using internal and external links. The bot uses any website’s homepage and then starts to follow the first link available on it. After that, Google can form relationships between the posts and content to find sites with similar subjects. It helps Google understand that the content on the web pages is related to the content, so you need to add the link. 

So, this is the relationship between the internal linking and the content. It can help a website to achieve a higher rank by providing proper internal links throughout the website. Google provides different values to all the links on a webpage.

How to Setup an Internal Linking Strategy?

It would be best if you regularly focused on improving the internal linking strategy to enhance the SEO of your website. 

Adding the internal links properly will ensure that Google will understand the relevance of your page. Here are some of the tips that you can consider to set up the best internal linking strategy.

  1. Decide a structure for your website
  2. Find details about your most important content
  3. Add links with relevant context
  4. Information about related posts
  5. Place navigation links on the website
  6. Update links of your most popular and latest posts
  7. Add internal links to taxonomies

At last, without adding links to your web page, you cannot rank your content. It’s essential to have a solid internal linking strategy that can help you to show relevant content. The links help in giving information about the valuable content.

Once you follow all the tips and strategies mentioned in the post, it will make it easier for users and Google to understand your website better. It will surely help you to increase the chances of getting ranked on Google. We hope this article about internal links is helpful to you. Do share this content on social media if you found it helpful for you in any manner

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